Saturday, November 24, 2012

the weekend in black and white

From the inside, this newly restored window
stands out in shades of brilliant purple,
bright green, and crimson. From the outside,
it may as well be black and white—but you
can better appreciate its "bones."
It's in the Gothic Revival Bigelow Chapel at
Mount Auburn Cemetery, in Cambridge, Mass.

[To see more monochromes, visit Dragonstar's meme.]


  1. Awesome!
    So many details!
    Well done!

  2. Such a pure, carved white, and about a hundred shades of grey on the way to black and back again.

    Checking out this 180-year-old cemetery (America’s first as garden-style) I can see that you could do a month-long series of photos from here alone. It has as much, and in some cases more, going on than some Parisian cemeteries.

    Thank you for the introduction to this place.

  3. Beautiful detailed picture viewing.
    Wish you a good weekend :)

  4. This is so beautiful to regard in black and white, Alexa ~ superb.

  5. Wonderful detail. I love the "bones"

  6. I love how this image has completely changed the focus of the window from the glass to the spines!


  7. Love the incredible detail and it is stunning in B&W. Reminds me of silver, of filigree.


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