Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday

We had a little storm on the East Coast a 
week ago—maybe you heard about it?  
I was lucky here at the highest point in Brooklyn, 
but my mom's house—the one I grew up in—took 
on a lot of water (picture Katrina) and so many folks 
have been without power for days (or much worse).

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  1. Wishing your mom’s house (and everything in it) and NY, NJ et al. a speedy recovery. And all the perseverance, help, and patience you all need to get there.

    How could your shadow shot image not make me think of this and this?

  2. I took a shadow pic of myself yesterday, no umbrella though. I like yours, angle and all. Glad you are now dry...

  3. Thinking of your mom and your family, and hope the repairs on your mom's house go smoothly and efficiently.

  4. perfect shot for this SSS.
    sorry for your Mom's & your family's loss.
    scary stuff that Sandy.
    Hope your mom is doing ok.


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