Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Weekend in Black and White

After all the "weather" we've had around
here lately, the ground is littered with all sorts
of flotsam and jetsam.  These fan-shaped leaves
and stinky (if you step on them) berries are from
a ginkgo, the tree that "grows in Brooklyn."

[To see more monochromes, visit Dragonstar's meme.]


  1. I recognized the leaves, but didn't know ginkgo trees had berries or that they were stinky.. Stinko ginkgo.

  2. “Stinko ginkgo”! Good one Bibi! I love it.

    The leaves made my think of Tokyo’s official representative tree. The nuts I have eaten at some restaurants. They have an interesting rubbery texture. Never noticed the stink. And also never realized that the nuts can be both healthy and toxic (toxic if eaten in too great a quantity—for children: equal to their age; maybe ten at a time or so for adults, and not often. The leaves are OK, or ginkgo biloba supplements, too).

    Wiki mentions that Ginkgo trees may be ”living fossils” that go back 270 million years. That’s 70 million ears longer than my present age I feel sometimes.

    Nice texture in your photo. I can see it as some kind of home decoration.

  3. Wonderful textures! This is a fine photo.

  4. Nice photo, so beautiful in B&W!

  5. you've made this litter look quite pretty Alexa!

  6. beautiful image... I hope you and your beloveds are safe and well.


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