Sunday, August 26, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday

Took this shot on the East Side of Manhattan,
in the general vicinity of the U.N., where
practically every other brownstone houses
a consulate.  I don't actually remember 
whose flag this is, but you can take your 
pick from among the 193 member nations.

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  1. A wonderful parade of leafy shadows spilling away from the billowing flag shadow! Great view!

  2. What a bright and beautiful day!

    Have a great Sunday

  3. It seems like a nice place for a walk.

  4. That's funny - I didn't know that they had turned private homes into consulates! How very cozy :)
    And a great shadow shot, too!

  5. Because it is not a quadrangle at first I thought it must be the shadow of the flag of Nepal. But the silhouettes don’t match, so, thanks to Gemma Wiseman I see that the flag must be billowing.

    For a country guy in the heat of summer those shadows look like they would be welcome sanctuary from the white-hot, August concrete’s possible blistering of bare feet; or other foot damage.

  6. A very effective piece of patterning here


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