Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday

When I book a flight down to Virginia,
I always try to choose a seat on the port side
of the plane, in the hope that our flight
pattern will provide a view like this. 

Last time, I got all that and more—
some looong early-morning shadows!

[To see more Sunday shadows, go here.]


  1. Impressionnant et superbe ! Ça vaut la peine de risquer une réprimande (toujours interdit d'utiliser des appareils électroniques ?).
    Je regrette d'avoir pris le train et pas l'avion pour aller de Washington à New York !!

  2. Like a view of a little model village from this height! Gorgeous perspective with those fascinating long shadows!

  3. Awesome perspective!

    Cheers on this Tuesday morning!

  4. It's always amazing to see shots like this. You wonder why all those buildings on that small piece of land don't make it sink into the harbor. :-)

  5. Oh what a view, lucky you... And I can spot the new One World Trade Center.


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