Monday, August 20, 2012

Mellow Yellow/Macro Monday

Well, not just yellow—but enough
to qualify, I hope.  I just love cosmos,
but I do wish they lasted a bit longer.
Hardly worth buying a bouquet, so I satisfy
my craving for them with photos instead.

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  1. So lovely...and the color...for a flower it's great, though I don't like to see it on walls!

  2. Breathtaking, Alexa! The petals remind me of exquisite fabric when seen so closely as this.

  3. Thanks for the message Alexa, delighted I can now follow via GFC also adding you to photography blog roll. This is a beautiful macro of the cosmos.

  4. WOW.... those petals are AWESOME!

  5. Beautiful photograph - thanks for sharing - visit me here

  6. I love cosmos, and you have beautifully captured how lovely a flower it is.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  7. so pretty, almost look like a jewelry cabochon. hope you could visit my mellow yellow monday here:

  8. Lovely flowers! Visiting from the Mellow Yellow Monday.


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