Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ABC Wednesday—G is for "gooseberries"

I saw these for sale at the Saturday
greenmarket in Tribeca. Not even
sure why I know what they are, because
I've never tasted one.  Have you?

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  1. Gosh, I never knew gooseberries were 'packaged' like that by Mother Nature. I'd seen those 'wrappings' on the ground before, but didn't know there'd been gooseberries inside. Not sure I even know what a gooseberry looks like...

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  3. They look like Chinese Lanterns.

    Some nice lanternesque photos here.

    The pods can come to look like filigree as they desiccate.

    I am not sure if yours are Cape Gooseberies or Chinese Lanterns as in the above link.

    I am sure I have tried them but the flavor was not so memorable (I am afraid that at my age none of my memories are memorable). However, look at the health benefits of Cape Gooseberries above (or here).

    There is an annual festival dedicated to these plants (or their like) in Asakusa,Tokyo.

  4. I always liked the French name for those Physalis : "amour en cage".
    Their flavor is not memorable as TG said, still nice, sweet and "acidulé", often used to decorate cakes or dishes in restaurants.

  5. They are like teensy hot air balloons! Without the baskets... They are very delicate, aren't they.

  6. They are sure unique looking, never had one though.

  7. Only in jam! That was good. Hope you bought some to try and give your opinion of them.


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