Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ABC Wednesday—E is for "eggs"

A long, long, time ago I would visit my grandmother
down in Virginia, and go to this farmers' market with her.  

She bought butter beans and greens, chicken that 
actually tasted like something (anyone remember that?), 
and fresh eggs that looked very much like these. 

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  1. Eggcellent!

    ♩♫ I am the egg man. Goo goo g’joob ♬♪

    The very same farmer’s market? If your grandmother could, I’ll bet she still watches over you, as best she can.

    You probably have a number of her old recipes so you don’t need something like this.

  2. Yup, TG—the very same one. She does still watch over us too, and I have some of her recipes, for lemon meringue pie, chicken and dumplings, and this.

  3. Oh, boy, we shared a similar childhood. My grandmother's 'egg man' would come during the week in a white van to our suburban home and ding a gong. Out would come those interested in buying eggs, cheese, milk. On weekends we went to the covered market downtown....oh.... And yes, chickens once tasted really good. They still do here, if bought on the market.

  4. Lovely egg memories! I like the comments you got! Mine is a bit more boring. In my country the Party for the Animals is one of our many olitical parties which will win a seat or two in the second chamber.This party is strongly in favour of freerange eggs. I must say they taste excellent.Thanks for your participating.
    Wil, ABC Team.

  5. EGGsalent memories!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. That's a lotta eggs.

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  7. Oh yum, I think I need to visit one of our friends this week who sells fresh eggs on their farm.

  8. They assured me you could take a yolk...

  9. I wonder if your farmer’s market has been around long enough for TJ to have contributed produce from his beloved Monticello.

    Spice cake! How I used to love spice cake. With a recipe dating from that time you must have the real deal there.

    We had a tenant in the mid-1950s, Peggy (she was in her 80s, so about the same age as your grandmother, perhaps), who, once in a while, would bring over one of her home-made lemon meringue pies. My mind couldn’t understand how a human being could create from scratch such an esculent masterpiece. My senses were simply thrilled!

    I assume that your grandmother was just such a gustatory magician. I can imagine the warm creamy lemon filling, and the cloud-like, angelic meringue with touches of light brown skinning the peaked surface. The buttery light crust crumbling as you take bites...

  10. Nothing like farm-fresh eggs....sometimes there are double yolks as a bonus....

  11. That's a bunch of eggs! I don't know that I've ever had a brown egg.

    And that's a lovely memory of your grandma.

  12. Having been raised on a farm, this photo brings back memories. Nice shot!

  13. Eggs are part of my "food as medicine diet." These eggs you have in your photo remind me of the eggs from the free range chickens here at the farm.


  14. Calling by from ABC Wednesday, I also posted Eggs, great minds :)


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