Thursday, August 2, 2012

New York at Night (15)

5th Avenue, 8pm

These food vendors are everywhere, and I see lots 

of people grabbing lunch or a quick snack from them.
Everyone needs to make a living and 
I'm pretty 
sure the Health Dept. checks these carts out.  
That said—maybe I'm just chicken, but I've never
eaten this food and probably never will.

[Linking back to Olivier's Walk in the Street challenge.]


  1. I agree. I've always wondered how they seemed so successful. But you see, you could take a nice picture :-)

  2. We're just starting to get food trucks here in Michigan. You're right about the health department but then in NY, there are so many delicious alternatives, why take the chance!

  3. I have and have lived to tell the tale! Love the photo...memories...

  4. My first visit to Bangkok, eating at a street stall, a taxi driver said to me (in fluent English) that the other people there were surprised a “Westerner” would be eating at such a place. As a low-income dweeb with some Dutch ancestry I pondered that. But, man, Thai curry wherever... He then asked me if I knew what those rubiginous cubes were. I looked at him with blank eyes. He then gestured with one hand slicing at his other arm and then indicated blood gushing out. It tasted fine to me. And here it is 23 years later. As a wild guess I would proffer that whatever I ingested wasn’t immediately fatal. New York street food? How much worse could it be?

  5. Nice catch..;-D

  6. New York la nuit, c'est ce que je prefere, avec tous ces vendeurs ambulants, c'est vraiment la ville qui ne dors jamais

    Merci d'avoir participer au challenge "Walk In The Street Photography"


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