Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Challenge—"happy"

This is Diallo, whom I first met because I don't
have a car and he drives for a car service.
He's happy because he has a beautiful 

family and . . . well, it's just his nature to be 
glass-full-to-overflowing kind of guy. 
And I'm happy that Diallo and I are now friends.

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  1. Handsome and happy. Lucky you to know him, and of course, vice-versa! ;<)

  2. Yeah, some people are like that...'a glass-full-to-overflowing kind'.
    I think it's a blessing to be one and to know one.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. They say all smiles are infectious but Diallo’s is an outright pandemic. Thanks. My own smile muscles have been in need of exercising. Feels good.

  4. His smile made me smile! Thanks for sharing. Lovely picture.

  5. I will be happy too if I have a car to drive and not pay for it.


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