Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Weekend in Black & White

Back to the garden for this one—
a curtain of wisteria leaves that lead
you into the sunny rose garden. 

[To see more monochromes, go here.]


  1. Ah! a pretty curtain of wisteria leaves beautifully captured in B&W. I'm sure it will look equally as stunning when covered in a haze of mauve sprays.
    I've just started converting some of my captures to B&W and it's amazing the difference it makes to the detail.
    Hoping you enjoy your week-end Alexa and happy snapping.

  2. ..lovely image Alexa:)
    Mine is here:
    -following you!

  3. Very nice B&W shot with all the shades of gray.

  4. Reaching my hand out and parting those leaves I can imagine there being a Blue Fountain. Is it the light? I can’t imagine any other black and white photo that evokes the spirit of Maxfield Parrish quite like this one.

  5. Lovely to see your B&W composition, - it is beautiful!

  6. So many nuances to notice without the distraction of colour. Really lovely, Alexa.

  7. Such a pretty capture. Love the shadows . genie

  8. Very, very nice, Alexa. Super good in BW.

  9. Beautiful! Lovely layers of light, and the added bonus of lace edging!


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