Friday, May 13, 2011

Skywatch Friday

Yet another reason why I'm not sorry that I don't drive!
Would much rather be walking across the Brooklyn Bridge,
looking at this sunset (and Lady Liberty out in the harbor)
while those poor folks down there inch their way along.


  1. Lucky you if you can do without driving ! If you were like me, au fond de ma campagne ! As we say : "sans voiture on serait ravitaillé par les corbeaux!"
    Is there an issue on my computer or on Blogger ? I can't see your cat any more! And some pages are missing too chez Eric and Shell too!

  2. Marylene -- It's Blogger. It disappeared since sometime yesterday and just reappeared a while ago. Think they had to delete all the last posts to fix whatever was the problem.

  3. A lovely view. Tonight, I sipped from my wonderful glass. Thank you again dear friend.

  4. Everywhere I go today, I see blips in the space-time continuum on Blogger. Wednesday. Friday. No Thursday. Or in my instance, no Friday. What will historians make of it. Anyhoo, it's so lovely to see everyone again! Your version of travelling over the bridge is much more poetic than traffic, Alexa.

  5. Nothing better than walking to discover cities like New York or Rome.


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