Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Challenge: Beautiful

For this photo challenge it wasn't hard for me to choose
what I find beautiful—my daughters, of course!
(The backdrop here is not too shabby, either, so
I wish I could say I took this shot.)

[To see more things that are beautiful, go here.]


  1. a bautiful couple
    a proud parent
    a pretty place
    a beautiful picture to tell all of this

    what more can one want ;-)

  2. Wow, one day we're on the streets of Paris or New York, and then bam...we're standing at the top of Machu Picchu...thank you for taking us along, and bringing us a beautiful shot of your daughters, too!

  3. And a beautiful photo to see ahead of Mother's Day weekend here in Australia. Your girls are gorgeous, Alexa. No surprise to me. :)

  4. You sure can be proud of your beautiful daughters! Nature in the background is breathtaking....

  5. Very nice picture of two beatuful girls in a beeutiful background.

  6. Indeed, you can be proud of your girls, beautiful lady's!

  7. The place is so beautiful... I plan to visit there next year.


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