Wednesday, May 18, 2011

abc wednesday —R is for "Rocky Mountains"

Flew across the country a couple of times lately and
I was amazed at just how much of it is basically
uninhabited. Crossing the Rockies, all I could think
about was pioneers trying to get over these mountains in
covered wagons. Now they could have used GPS!

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  1. What a view! Amazing awesome photo Alexa!

    can you imagine the havoc us humans would wreak on this country if we were in every nook & cranny? I shudder at the thought.

  2. Like Lily, I think it is an amazing picture!
    As for the pioneers, when traveling in the West, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, the same question came regularly to my mind : how did they do ? and also, why did some stop at one place and not the other ?

  3. Love crossing the Rockies by plane. (By car, not so much...)
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Great shot. The Rocky Mountains are so beautifully majestic from below or above!

  5. You're right! Such a wall for people in covered wagons. When you think that even the Appalachian have been an impassable barrier until the Cumberland Gap was discovered...
    Beautiful Pic. I love to see the world by the window when I'm in a plane. When coming to the USA I love to be on the right of the plane, with my young son, in order to admire with him Iceland, Greenland, and then the Labrador.

  6. And the snow is still this deep. I am high in those Colorado Rockies. Just arrived to spend the summer. Beautiful shot!


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