Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Doorways

There's a pretty nice view from the doorway of
the church of Santa Maria della Salute, built in
Venice in the mid-17th century as an offering for the
city's deliverance from an outbreak of the plague.
Constructed atop a platform of 100,000 wooden piles
driven vertically into the sea bed, it took about
50 years to build, and was completed in 1681.  

[To see more doorways, visit the "Portes de Lundi"
at Louis la Vache's meme.]


  1. That is quite the substantial looking door! With 50 years of building, imagine not living to see the end of your hard work after all.

  2. I'd feel very safe behind those doors, Alexa. They would need quite a number of those 100,000 wooden piles to take their weight!

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful door to a great view of Venice!

  4. Very well taken shot, from the interiors.

  5. Merci pour cette perspective différente de Venise.

  6. How nice that Lady Margaret Beaufort was your ancestor!

  7. As you know, I"Ve not been to Italy and this view of Venice makes me want to book a ticket this minute!

  8. Outstanding, Alexa!

    Louis» thanks you for your contribution to Monday Doorways.

  9. This photo is lovely. East to tell where it was taken....again your images tell such strong stories. A wonderful inspiration.


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