Friday, May 27, 2011

Skywatch Friday

Staying right in the neighborhood for this one.
It's the arch in Grand Army Plaza,
which I showed you almost three years ago.

[See more Skywatch here.]


  1. wow! perfect one for skywatch... Have a great weekend! Hoping you can visit my skywatch entry.

  2. Wow. You really know how to set a scene dramatically.

  3. Ok! I was a little bit puzzled about this arch in Grand Army Plaza! But I finally found it on Google map, in Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn! Yessss! :)

  4. Yikes, TG -- and I still don't know how you do that!

    Pierre -- and maybe you'll be seeing it for yourself one of these days, eh?

  5. Looks just like my sky here today!! But no arch in my little village. Nice shot.

  6. Very nice. Of course I see two horse I could not pass up on commenting on this one.

    P.S. Love what you wrote in your 'About Me' bio.

  7. Wow! that is some gorgeous capture!


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