Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Paris at Night

For a big city, Paris can be surprisingly
quiet at night (or maybe I'm just used to
living in "the city that never sleeps").

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  1. Sorry, Marylene. Although my city never sleeps, sometimes I do! :~}

  2. It looks like you could hear a pin drop! {Almost.} Good to know some people allow themselves to sleep while in Paris. I'd have to!

  3. I never imagined it to be like this. I can't wait to see what it's like "in person".
    Lovely photo Alexa.

  4. What a gorgeous photo! It does look peaceful.

  5. Lucky you, Alexa !! Those days, I am like your city.
    Not much sleep. A little tiring but it allows me to talk live with my American friends on FB or MSN, read books, go on Internet...
    Lily, does your comment mean you're coming to Paris ?
    The special atmosphere of Paris by night is really present in this shot.

  6. Well our first few nights in the apt. in 2009, we had the windows open and the cars and voices kept us up quite a bit. We got use to it. Here,we are so use to closed windows with AC and our quiet neighborhoods. I love the sound of Paris. Le sigh!


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