Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Challenge — "red"

Something to look forward to!  I had some nice shots
of spots of red in our latest pile o' snow (a buried car,
a girl in a ski jacket, berries)—but as lovely as it is,
I'm a bit over it and vow not to complain about the
heat and humidity when this comes around again!

Oh, okay—I'll add those
berries (but only because
they're so pretty in the snow).
[See more "red" things  here.]


  1. Wow, red it is. I guess I could have done this meme today, too!!

  2. Your photo brings back memories of Summer days & gives me some hope to cling too, knowing once again we will have warm air & sunshine.
    I promise I won't complain about the humidity either!

  3. Red in the snow is pretty tempting but I do imagine that you have had more than you can stand.

    Guys in red suits are much more interesting, but the berries are nice too, ;-)


  4. I all about the HUNKS! Woooeeee

  5. Red is such a vibrant color -- vibrating with life.
    (The hunks are good, too ;) )


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