Friday, February 4, 2011

skywatch Friday

Was visiting my mom out on Long Island recently, walked
into the kitchen, and saw . . . this!  Grabbed my camera and
ran outside where it was well below freezing.  Maybe the
temp contributed to this rather spectacular sunset . . .
(Sure would have loved a totally unobstructed view of it!) 

[You can see more Skywatch here.]


  1. Spectacular indeed.
    I am glad you shared. :)

  2. Well worth a short foray into freezing temperatures. Just gorgeous!

  3. Great shot. Glad you kept your camra handy.

  4. Oh and you braved the freezing temps to get this for us. Merci!! :)

  5. thanks for stunning!
    Check out my Skywatch Entry as well. Have followed your blog through google connect, hope you do the same. Thanks!

  6. Hahaha - love Bibi's comment!
    Spectacular sunset Alexa, I wonder where I was that evening? Sometimes these amazing skies are happening just outside my window & if I'm not outside, I miss them!
    I myself can't seem to get away from those Long Island power lines. At this point I think I've just given in and have accepted them as part of the environment.

  7. This sky makes me scream it's beautiful!! Love it!
    Sky Watch


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