Friday, February 18, 2011

Skywatch Friday

It's been months since I've been able to walk across the 
Brooklyn Bridge.  Finally, higher temps make it possible some 
days—though gloves, scarf, and ugly hat are sometimes required.
(Worth it even if I only catch the tail end of a beautiful sunset.)
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  1. I like this very much. Such beauty can be outdoors, even with ugly hats on.

  2. Too beautiful--the colors are amazing--great shot.

  3. awwwwwwwwww! totally stunning...I love this shot! thanks for sharing.

    Hope you can take a peek at my SkyWatch Friday entry as well. Thanks!

  4. Che bello tramonto! (I'm practising, as you can see!)

  5. Alexa, this is such a beautiful, peaceful shot. That's one thing I miss living in Venice, sunsets over the sea or ocean. Seems the sunshine you're enjoying there in NY has finally made its way here; Veneto woke up under a clear, sunny sky for the first time in weeks! Thanks for sending it our way.

  6. The things you do for us, Alexa, though I can't imagine you wearing an ugly hat ~ you'd make it charming, somehow. This sunset is stunning. Thank you!

  7. Amazing colours. Worth the weather!

  8. Having to endure some cold weather is most certianly worth it to experience such a beautiful sunet. And as long as the ugly hat keeps your head warm that is what counts...

  9. Simply gorgeous! Such sights help us through the long winter.

  10. Wow! That sunset just takes my breath away... so glad that you captured it on your chilly walk across the bridge... The view is like a kaleidoscope with its constantly changing color...

    Bon weekend, mon amie,

  11. who cares if you need a hat and gloves if the sky looks like that!

    Splendid - Stewart M - Australia


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