Saturday, February 5, 2011

photo Hunt — "fashion"

Took this a couple of years ago as I was walking through
the campus of FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology).
These students are serious about it—I mean, just
check out that chapeau.  I lived a couple of blocks from this 

school when my kids were little, and found Lila's first 
babysitters here (maybe this explains her fashion sense).
[For more "fashion," go to tnchick's meme.]


  1. Perhaps a little Annie Hall-inspired? She's certainly put in some effort.

  2. She looks very retro and cute! Have you seen Advanced Style? Somewhere down the road she may still be stylish.

  3. Woah, by the looks of it, she is a true fashion believer -- not just student! :)

  4. Great for the theme...happy hunting...

  5. Wonderful shot -- makes me wonder who she's talking to?


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