Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday Challenge — "autumn"

The leaves on the tree that "grows in Brooklyn" 
are finally beginning to turn.  Don't know if it's global 
warming or what, but I was starting to wonder if 
we were ever going to see this around here.

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  1. Wow, lovely words that goes with a lovely photo. Great fall image.

  2. I know! Considering the time of year, we still have a lot of green around here too.
    Nice color Alexa.

  3. I am shutter-happy when it comes to autumn foliage.

  4. Are you sure it’s autumn or have those leaves simply been inhaling the drift from New Jersey?

    I didn’t even know this guy did this. But I have to wonder what kind of tree he had been standing under here.

  5. How lovely that they are finally turning. On the opposite side of the seasons, the jacarandas are glorious here. Purple everywhere.

  6. Beautiful colors, Alexa, and I love the light filtering through the leaves. We are still waiting on fall colors here. Truthfully, it will be our Bradford pears, maples, and crepe myrtles for us. Hopefully, by Christmas we can get some color - hah!


  7. TG -- well, it definitely wasn't a shoe tree!

  8. “Shoe tree.” Ha ha ha.

    I’ll bet a number of those dropped from some rather nice limbs, though.


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