Wednesday, November 3, 2010

abc wednesday - P is for "piano"


This beauty—a 19th-century Steinway grand—belongs 
to my brother Chris.  On weekends, when he's 
not playing drums with the Lone Sharks he can usually 
be found right here making a different kind of beautiful music.

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  1. I have a good time with my own stein way.

    What? He not only plays drums in the world’s hottest assemblage of solitary Selachimorpha, but he also plays melody on such a melodious instrument? What a talented family. How can any of you manage to keep buttons on clothes? They must be constantly popping off due to your swelling with pride. Hey, I just lost one from the pride I feel from visiting your blog.

  2. Never had an interest to play a piano or anything else, but I appreciate music!

  3. An alphabet theme for photos? That's a good idea - would force you to think of a few new themes you wouldn't otherwise have considered I reckon :-)

  4. Looking like that at its fine age, this instrument is clearly loved. As TG says, you have an abundance of talented genes in your family tree, Alexa!

  5. I love how a non-electronic piano sounds and looks. We have one sitting in our living room that our daughter once took lessons on. Now it is mostly silent and still like a fine work of art. :)

  6. I read somewhere that the piano used to be called a pianoforte, because it could be played softly or loudly.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. Wow, that is a beauty. You must love to hear him play.

  8. To be honnest a piano is not my favorite music instrument, lol !

  9. I would love to have a grand piano though I don't play very well. Playing a good piano is like driving a first class car - smooth as silk.

  10. My sisters and I used to fight for "piano time" but it would have been a fist fight over this fine specimen!!

    What a talented family -- Is your brother the one who was looking out the window in Venice?


  11. TG -- Ha! Chris is the only one with talent, ergo the only one with a button-popping problem (he teaches band and has to play every one of those instruments as well!).

    ROG -- In Italian it still is.

    Genie -- That was my older brother; this is my younger one. And do you all have your own piano now?

  12. That's a "grand" piano! ;)
    What a treasure to play!


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