Wednesday, November 24, 2010

abc wednesday - S is for "superstitious"

This is the back of Ca' Dario, on the Grand Canal, 
immortalized most famously by Monet.  Some say this house 
is cursed, and it's true that its various owners have known 
more than their share of bankruptcy and untimely death—most 
from suicide or murder.  There was a rumor that Woody Allen 
was interested in purchasing this 15th-century palazzo—
until he learned its history.  Maybe he's superstitious.

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  1. I wouldn't doubt Woody is superstitious.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Hm, with that reputation, I don't think I'm even game enough to draw this. I'll just enjoy looking at your gorgeous photo of it, Alexa.

  3. Luckily I am not bothered by superstitions (knock on wood). Thank you for sharing this lovely photo with us.
    Donna - ABC Wednesday

  4. Gorgeous architecture!! wondering about superstition...
    S is for Santa

  5. I love Misfit's comment - that would be me!
    Alexa, you amaze me with your knowledge of Italy & your treasure trove of photos from there!


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