Thursday, November 18, 2010

St. Peter's

Today we have tickets for the Vatican Museum (pre-booked—
don't want to risk a long line even in November), and 
hope we don't encounter stormy skies like this because I'd 
love to climb up to the top of the dome (again, after 32 years!).


  1. Beautiful place and sky....good luck on the climb. I did Notre-Dame a few years back and got dizzy on the spiral staircase! I live on a four-floor walk-up, but my stairs are not twisty!

  2. Oh gosh, I remember doing that, nearly 20 years ago! I did feel dizzy by the time I reached the top. I hope you had clear skies, Alexa.

  3. I love this stormy sky against the basilica! great shot Alexa!
    I hope you got to the top again.


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