Monday, November 8, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

So why is it that people don't really wear hats anymore 
(unless it's 4° below, that is)?  Saw these at the 
Brooklyn Flea—I'll take the straw job with the 
three white flowers; anything strike your fancy?

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  1. Gee, I like those and think I have one.... I'll take the beige one in the lower left.

  2. I was always partial to the garb of Shinjuku Tiger Mask (speaking of yellow).

  3. Those two dark brown, glowing-topped ones along the lower right edge of your photo look like just the thing when one has been drinking too much at a party. “Whoopie! Look at me! Guess what I am!”

  4. Great collection! I'm tempted by the black and white one. I'd wear it with a simple black shift dress. But I think I'd save the outfit for a day at the races.

  5. ohhhoohhh ohhhh I love hats! I have one in Paris I may not have shared! :)

  6. I'd like the red one :)
    Those are wonderful hats.

  7. oohh~
    me likes the black snow cap:D

  8. I like that red one with the orange band, also. Ms M and I will have to share!

  9. I agree!!! I love hats! My favorites were the women's hats in the 30's and 40's!!!

    And now...I wear cowboy(girl) hats and knit caps!!!


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