Monday, November 15, 2010

Grand Central

Grand Central Terminal (not Station!) at a slow time of day
—especially when you consider that three quarters of a
million people pass through here every weekday!


  1. It's kind of nice that it's not dauntingly busy there all day and night. Hey, my wv is ginger. Completely unrelated, but fun to score a real word.

  2. Alexa, Grand Central has a special meaning to me. Growing up with 5 sisters, my dad would occasionally answer the phone..."Grand Central" and we have all carried that pandemonium response as we raised our own children. It still makes me smile.

    I have been there many times as an adult and agree with you that this does not look very busy. Nice photo!

  3. A place I never miss each time I'm in NY!

  4. Really nice, love the black and white!


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