Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Aaah, Venezia!

This is the rio San Barnaba.  We're staying about halfway 
between the second and third bridges.  I took this shot from 
the attic of Ca' Rezzonico, which I plan to visit again 
while we're here (first time was many years ago, when my friend 
and I were the only ones there and it still looked pretty 
much as it had when Robert Browning's son, Pen, owned it).  
Now you're not allowed to take photos or—heaven forfend—touch 
anything.  Whatever—it's still a cool place.


  1. Beautiful....timeless...and the no-touch bit sounds a bit like the Acropolis now, but then people were hauling off pieces of rock...

  2. Ha ha Venice huh!
    Something tells me that we'll have the opportunity to bump into one another!

  3. Oh, sigh! I'm so happy for you, Alexa. And I wish you and Pierre a wonderful rendezvous. How grand!

  4. Another happy sigh from Australia. Hello to Pierre.


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