Wednesday, March 4, 2015

ABC Wednesday—H is for "hands"

 . . . and also for Hungarian.
These are the very talented hands of
my favorite young artist, Maté Orr.

And here's a detail from a painting (Maté is his
own best model) that was hanging
up in
his Budapest studio on the day we went to visit.

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  1. Dearest Alexa,

    How observant you are!

    This is a wonderful pairing of images, the real hands and their painted equivalents. Of course, as you well know, we have other painted parts of the delightfully talented Mate Orr on the walls of our Budapest apartment! We hope that you are continuing to get great joy from your own Mate Orr original.

    1. Yes you do (!)—and yes I am (though most of those who see my Maté don't quite get it, I'm afraid).

  2. Love your photo, ma chère, and I love Maté's work ~ the folds in his jacket are magnificent, along with the rest. xo


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