Tuesday, March 24, 2015

si tu veux (jouer) / if you want (to play)

and you're in Paris (lucky you), step into this
beautiful toy shop in the Galerie Vivienne.
The owner will help you choose just the right thing
from among the many not plastic, not annoyingly noisy,
beautifully designed jouets she has on hand. 

[Linking back to Ruby Tuesday and Our World Tuesday.]


  1. I love the creativity displayed by the window dresser. These little shops are so much more interesting than "Toys-R-Us" and other big-box retailers. They are fun to visit, even if you no longer have children to shop for. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

  2. The window display looks like a teddy bear's picnic. If this is a toy shop that features non-plastic toys, they must be very creative and clever. Enjoy your time in Paris, and thank you for sharing your photos.

  3. Very nice window display !


  4. I love this display although I do not have little kids in the house anymore.

  5. Nice.
    Sounds like a great place


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