Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Our World Tuesday

This commuter stopped off for a shine on

his way to work, looking (except for the cell phone
glued to his ear) rather "Mad Men" in his topcoat and fedora.  
I don't know how long this shoe-shine stand has been
here in Grand Central Terminal, but the chairs are
leather and mahogany, so probably a while.

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  1. If that fellow had a newspaper in his hand, this could have been shot in the 1930s complete with top coat and fedora. Shoe shine stands are a throwback to an earlier era. This one has likely been there since the 19th Century.

    1. The building was completed in February 1913, but this stand could easily have been here since then.

  2. Great picture! The chair looks comfortable.

  3. Great picture and sadly something you don't see very often now! #ourworldtuesday

  4. Not often seen anywhere these days!

  5. Would that we could enjoy these comforts again. I seem to recall as a child seeing these in barbershops and maybe a drug store or two. Guess the advent of sneakers and flip flops eliminated the need thus the increase of nail salons!

  6. Great capture, I love to people watch! Have a happy day!


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