Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Where's the fire?

I've never seen a NYC fire boat at work, but
usually when they're in "ceremonial"
mode, with water spraying in all directions.
First time was when they joined the tall ships here
on the Hudson on July 4, 1976; last time was
when one of them accompanied the Queen Mary 2

as she made her way out of the Buttermilk
Channel on her way home to England (see here).

[Linking back to Ruby Tuesday and to Our World Tuesday.]


  1. That's a great contrast between the boat and all of the gray around it. I'm sure that the crew would love to have a copy of this image for their scrapbooks. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

  2. That's a boat you can't miss. It's vibrant color will simply makd you stop and watch it.

  3. Great photo of this high tech fire boat. Let's hope it is only used for ceremonial purposes. Dock and boat fires it is designed to fight are terrifying.

  4. That's a very smart looking fire boat!


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