Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday Challenge—"street"

This one is in Bordeaux, and the picture
was taken before there even was such a thing
as a digital camera.  Much as I love my digital,
I still kinda miss film.  How about you?

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  1. Knowing that it makes me love this picture even more. I miss film too.

  2. I love digital, too, but yes, there's something special about film. I love this photo.

  3. I miss film, too, Especially TriX-400 b/w film. Good shot.

  4. Beautiful -- so well-composed and balanced. Love that it's in sepia (Violet N. - promptings 2)

  5. Yes I know what you mean! I do miss film as well! It's a lovely picture!

  6. Film has a quality, some aspects, that can't be duplicated digitally. But I do enjoy the ease and immediacy of digital (as long as it's a good camera with a good sensor).


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