Friday, March 13, 2015

Pi in the Sky

Because you do know what tomorrow is, don't you?
That's right, math geeks—but not only is it Pi Day (3.14 ...), 

it's the once-in-this-century Pi Day (3.14.15 ...)!

[And today is Skywatch Friday.
To see more Skywatch pics, go here.]


  1. Wow! Well spotted and well taken. :)

  2. Not only did you find a lovely crane, but one lifting Pi into place. Beautifully done. I will celebrate Pi day tomorrow.

  3. Awesome color and lighting!!! Simply an eye-popping catch...kudos.. Some might say a Chai in the Sky... Cheers, Stan.

  4. Well, happy Pi day!! Had no idea there was such a thing, but very cool! Also, very cool photo.

  5. Oh, wow ~ heh !! Witty and smart, dear Alexa ~ I love it !

  6. Are you kidding me? I can't believe you found this. You're good!


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