Friday, December 12, 2014

Weekend Reflections

If you plan to visit Venice in winter, better
pack your Wellies.  Last time I was there it was
November and I was not prepared for the
daily aqua alta.  This bird
managed to find the only
 (semi) dry
spot in all of Piazza San Marco.

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  1. You may not have been prepared for the high water, but your camera was out and ready to watch the birdie and capture this reflection. Lovely.

  2. Amazing photo!!! Lovely!! Wishing you well!! Cathy

  3. Very nice photo. I really like the columns captured in the reflection. Have a great weekend.

  4. What a terrific composition, Alex... I hope you enjoyed your stay in Venice.

  5. Glad you took advantage of the wet weather and got this terrific reflection.

  6. What an amazing find!! and gorgeous reflection.

  7. Great shot! The bird adds a little something extra to it. Venice is wonderful even when flooded! I've only been twice, both times were in late November/early December. I think winter is the best time to go. I can't even imagine the heat, crowds and mosquitoes in summer.

  8. You saw the beauty in the rain:)
    Plenty of rain in Stavanger today.

  9. Amazing capture! Love the reflected patterns of the building and the lone bird.


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