Wednesday, December 3, 2014

ABC Wednesday—U is for "(sea) urchin"

These were on display at the rue Mouffetard
market, in Paris.  I don't think I've ever
eaten sea urchin (have you?).  All I can say
is that at that price, it had better be at
 least as good as . . . chocolate!

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  1. I think I have maybe once...but cannot recall its taste. Have you seen "The Hundred-Foot Journey"? There are a couple of good urchin-cooking scenes in there.

  2. BTW, speaking of chocolate, I found this recipe for you....

  3. Interesting that the French name "oursins" looks an awful lot like "our sins." :-)

  4. U is for UNI.

    What the inside looks like.

    I love uni although it may have been an acquired taste. I came to think of it as the epitome of luxuriousness. You can check out the flavor at a sushi shop. The fresher the better, of course. You can get it as nigirizushi but it is best when all of the thick leafy shapes are intact. I wasn’t as fond of the sloppy goopy stuff. You can get uni as sashimi. It makes it all the way to your mouth if you gingerly lift it with chopsticks, then it will basically melt in your mouth. You could get an uni-don with rice, or you could share the joy with salmon eggs. If you know of a Japanese market perhaps you could find a package of it. But then again you could always go termite.

    1. Wow! But I'm still opting for chocolate—especially after seeing that first image. :~}

  5. I think I would pass....Great U choice♪


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