Monday, December 15, 2014

Rockefeller Center

We're still hanging around Rockefeller Center,
because even though I showed you that
tree last Thursday, there's plenty more to see—
seriously, how do they manage to wrap
every branch of those trees in blue lights?

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  1. Fantastic shot. You should come and link this to my Look Up Challenge, this is a gem!

  2. The task of decorating this tree defies my imagination and patience. Incredible.

  3. Rockefeller Center is always decorated so beautifully! Those trees are a wonder :)
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  4. Hi Alexa,

    It must be quite magnificent! How I wish that I could see it in person, but I thank you for showing me this picture.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  5. Can you just imagine how much time that takes to wind each branch!! How beautiful in blue.

  6. Must take a looong time. What a result, though.

  7. A gorgeous share! I would love to visit NYC during the holidays! We were blessed to travel there in March 2014. Our youngest son ran at the Amory for in door track in Nationals. What a wonderful experience it was for us. Thank you for sharing and have a beautiful week.

  8. So very festive! And I, too, wonder how they wrap lights around each individual branch!

  9. This is such an intensely dramatic photo. I literally get a rush looking at it. Those silver and gold flags look, at first, like they are strung out on a single line like Tibetan prayer flags but each one is flying from its own flag pole and positioned perfectly to match the angles of the building and trees. I love the colors and gradations on the TOWering GE Building.

    As for the trees with the blue lights I am guessing that one simply needs a proper tool (cherry picker) and technique.

    As for the Christmas tree itself, with 45,000 lights, if one person put up one light the number of people would look like this.

  10. A magnificent array of night colours. The light on the building is a magnificent backdrop for the tree and little flags.


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