Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday Challenge—"minimal"

About 21 years ago, I moved from a 2,000-sq.-ft.
(186 sq. meters) loft to a place that's maybe
half that.  Next step: pare down even more.
Could I fit everything I need/want in a home the
size of this place, for example? I'm actually thinking
apartment in Paris, not shotgun house in Virginia—
but sizewise, this is probably what I could afford.
Cozy is good, right?

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    1. Thanks, TG! I think I see a Murphy bed in my future.

  2. IF the place is cute enough, you'll make it work, we all do...

  3. The home looks lovely :)
    Best wishes :)

  4. Cozy is wonderfull!
    And this is a lovely cottage/house! Very nice picture.

  5. All of us tend to hang onto things much more than we need. It is hard to pare down.

  6. I'm with you. I live under the eaves in about 100 sq. meters, which is fine. My problem is/was 'stuff'. I downsized when I moved in and now with an upcoming renovation, I am downsizing even more....too much clutter; creeps up on you. I could honestly live in the little house you show, or one of those portable 'tiny houses'. A 'chambre de bonne', like the one I used to have in Paris, wouldn't be bad either...but I want hot water and my own little bathroom this time... :)

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  8. Remember that you will be dealing with French real estate agents and signing a contract that even the small print of is written in French. I would recommend finding a trustworthy, bilingual lawyer who can go over the contract with a fine-tooth comb before you sign anything. How one would find such a lawyer I have no clue.

    This gets good reviews. You may or may not have seen the following:

    A Murphy bed sounds great. A sofa bed could be a more portable option.

    As far as space and coziness, tell me about it. I was snug as a bug (well, yes, cockroaches, if you must know, that is until I discovered home-made boric-acid pellets) in Tokyo in my large, by Tokyo standards, 40 sq. meter apartment. It’s predecessor, the less-than 20 sq. meter apartment was a little tight necessitating a shared toilet down the hall and nightly visits to a public bath. But 40 sq. meters is easily doable (with foldable/stashable futon and tatami floors).

    For you there are simple things like folding chairs and tables for guests and parties. But, to quote Bill Murray in Lost in Translation, “You’ll figure it out.”

  9. More great linkage, TG. Actually, my last (rented) Paris apartment was probably no more than 40 square meters—and shared with a roommate (we became—by necessity—very close, but at least our bathroom was our own). As for lawyers, I have it covered. Other than that, I'm hoping for no roaches!

  10. I am thinking that you can fit what you need in a small place, no problem, and ditto for wants if they are pared down as required.

  11. cozy is very good. & YES I hope you get your apartment in Paris!


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