Wednesday, December 17, 2014

ABC Wednesday—W is for "wing"

This is one of a pair of weeping
angels on the Stuart monument, in
St. Peter's in Rome.  It commemorates
the last three members of the
royal house of Stuart: James III, Cardinal 

Henry Stuart, and Bonnie Prince Charlie; this 
is not a tomb (though all three are buried
in the crypt below the basilica).
Stendhal said that visitors to Rome should
see this first to gauge whether or not they have
a heart capable of appreciating sculpture.
(Just watch out you don't end up with
a case of Stendhal syndrome.)

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  1. looks like a lovely piece. wouldn't have known the end of the Stuart line would be buried in Rome...


  2. What a Wonderful Work of art but I Wonder Why the Angel Weeps ?
    Best Wishes,

    ABCW team

  3. That is extraordinarily beautiful.....almost had a touch of syndrome... :)


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