Monday, April 15, 2013

FDNY to the rescue

I used a zoom to take this shot from the 32nd
floor of a building where I used to work.  It was
constructed in such a way that you can pretty much
hang over the street, with nothing between you and 8th Ave.
but the floor-to-ceiling glass.  Some of the employees
wouldn't get within 10 feet of those windows and some couldn't 

stay away. You can probably guess which camp I was in.

[To see more "from above," visit Tina's Picstory.]


  1. always the adventurer! I got scared when I first saw this, I feel better to know you were just having fun.

  2. An Amazing point of view for a beautiful Manhattan Picture! Well done hothead ;)

  3. what a cool shot from above :) thanx!

  4. A really great shot...very exciting !

  5. Hello Alexa,
    the 2nd floor of a building, WOW!!!!
    Thanks that you mad this great picture from above!
    Wish you a nice day

    Thanks for visit my blog:


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