Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thursday Challenge—"reflection"

I took this photo of Basilica San Marco
through a funky window from inside the
Doge's Palace, in Venice. It was only when
I got it up on my computer that I noticed the
little reflection of . . . the Doge's Palace!

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the Thursday Photo Challenge.]


  1. Gorgeous effect. I love the colors too.

    Violet N. (promptings 2)

  2. Alexa, that is a STUNNING photo. Excellent.

    Sorry about my silence. Traveling again.

  3. Wow, this really is spectacular, Alexa. I love it!

  4. Okay, I admit it. I wish I took this shot. It's outstanding!

  5. Thanks, all. And I take that as high praise indeed coming from you, James!

  6. Those old windows were all hand made. (Also glass is basically a slow-flowing liquid, it sags over time.) So we are seeing much the same view out that window as various Doges themselves.

    I love the way it looks like an expressionistic pastel drawing upon which someone has dropped a large dollop of near crystal clarity.

    It took me a while to find and now I think I can understand how you could take a photo that includes the exterior of the building you are standing inside of. As a total Venice novice I was surprised that there is an inner courtyard, as seen here.

    And yes, it is beautiful.

  7. I also didn’t realize how close you were there to the Bridge of Sighs.


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