Friday, April 19, 2013

harbor sunset

The bright orange Staten Island Ferry gliding past the
Ellis Island Immigration Museum is no match
for this brilliant sunset.  Both Ellis Island and Liberty
Island have been closed since Hurricane Sandy wreaked
havoc here six months ago.  No word on when the museum will
reopen, but the target date for the two islands is July 4.

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  1. That's a lovely shot! So full of joy...maybe it's those warm orange tones that just make me happy!

  2. It's gorgeous Alexa. Thanks for joining Orange you glad. again. You were featured here last week.

  3. I am quite infatuated with this refreshing image. My eyes just can’t drink in enough of those happy liquifactive hues. In fact you might say that I have an......

    Sheesh, and they say California is the Golden State. Well, it has gotten a lot of competition via The Road is Mine today, hasn’t it?

  4. Glorious sky with the dark near-silhouettes.

  5. This really is magnicent, Alexa. Between your photo and the glorious sunny blue sky day outside, I'm basking in a lot of warm, fuzzy rays today. Happy weekend, my sweet.

  6. Lovely golden sky...wonderfully captured, Alexa:)

  7. Gorgeous skyscape, nicely framed with the OYGIF:


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