Sunday, April 14, 2013

This is 'The First'

That's the moniker of this aptly named tulip,
one of two that were the first to bloom
in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden this year—and
Mother Nature's spring flower show begins!

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  1. I have season envy, Alexa. My kingdom for eternal spring. Wait ~ that sounds a bit like an epitaph. I take it back. :) Hope you're having a gorgeous weekend, my sweet.

  2. I love the yellow centers and the creamy white color of these beauties with just a hint of pink & the deep red, lovely! Nature always seems to know the perfect color combinations.

  3. Beautiful flowers, love the color....Christine

  4. Hi Alexa, these tulips are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing with with Today's Flowers.

  5. That's really pretty. Thanks for sharing


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