Sunday, April 7, 2013

Photo op

Last weekend my sister-in-law and I went to play
with some baby goats at a farm out on the north fork
of Long Island. The kids were adorable, the
 grown-ups were very willing to pose for us—
and the cheese wasn't baaaaad either!

[It's Shadow Shot Sunday. To see more shadows, go here.]


  1. Looks like they're reaching out for the bark and posing, too!

    I love goat cheese.

  2. Ha ha! “...the cheese wasn’t baaaaad...” Ewe made me laugh.

    I’m with Bibi, with a shared fondness for goat cheese. Had some goat gouda no long ago. And I have been using other goat cheese with my tempeh and multi-grain (mostly quinoa and rice) tacos, with enchilada and hot sauce.

    So that’s what the cheese basic-ingredient supplier looks like. For some reason I like its white beard. Would we call that a goatee?

  3. Nice shots and shadows, looks like they are about to eat the tree trunk.

  4. They look cute behind the fence as far as I am concerned. Many,many years ago when I was a teen. One kicked my butt clean over the fence. I was not doing a dang thing to it.

    It came from somewhere in a field. I mean the public was allowed to even pick watercress and wild berries by Farmer Ed.

    We even mentioned what about your animals roaming. Will they hurt us. He said. Na, they are more scared of us. Wrong.

  5. Looks like they're hoping for a treat and a little attention.

  6. Good think you pointed out the shadows. I might not have noticed and missed the entire point.

  7. awww! how cute! this scene looks just like Spring.

  8. You and the commenter Tall Gary cracked me up.


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