Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday Challenge—"culture"

What a lovely, "cultured" setting—a comfy tufted
white-velvet settee in a wood-paneled library
filled with leather-bound volumes.  All that's
missing is the trusted retainer offering a "spot of tea."
Oh wait . . . this is actually the subway shuttle that runs
between Times Square and Grand Central Terminal,
and this whole train is one big ad for
Well, I guess that says something about our
current Internet culture too. How cool is this, though?

[To see more of the Thursday Photo Challenge, go here.]


  1. This certainly is my cup of tea.

    I have a good idea what noise the doors make when they open and close: “Shhh!”

  2. Hahaha, TG!! {Oops, someone just shushed me.}

    This is wonderful, Alexa! I'd love to be transported this way.

  3. That is definitely VERY cool. I love it.


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