Monday, October 29, 2012

Mellow Yellow/Macro Monday

This is Howard, "my" beautiful brown-and-gold
Galapagos hawk.  These birds are known to be

fearless of humans (Darwin remarked
on it in his journal).  I kept inching closer 
and closeruntil I could have reached out and
touched him.  You're not allowed to do that,
of course, but he did seem just as curious about
me as I was about him—and was a much better 

sport about having his picture taken than 
I am (and a lot more photogenic too).

I especially liked this sideways pose!

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  1. As close as you were and with his laser-strength “Eagle eye” he could have been dong a CAT scan on you. He must have found that all is well.

    I laughed because the first photo to download was the bottom one. So I’m all, “What happened to his eye on the left? It’s so smoothly covered with feathers for an injury. And his beak. That’s....Oh!”

    This is another truly remarkable experience you had. Again, thanks for sharing.

    I wish all life, especially humans, could get along so well.

  2. it is amazing how they can twist their heads. Your friend is a very beautiful bird. And so nice of it to pose for you. :)

  3. Amazing!
    What a wonderful experience!
    Have a great day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  4. Well, hello, Howard. I'd get close, too, but would be glad there's a camera between me and his beak. Big beaks scare me...I can see my finger in....oh.... Or my nose....

  5. Howard is an exquisite fellow. He certainly looks at ease with you, Alexa ~ the second photo is a hoot! {Or the hawk equivalent thereof.}

  6. Just reading the latest on Sandy ~ I'm hoping it's not of the speculated magnitude but I'm thinking of you. Take care.

  7. Have followed your blog for a while now -love the variety of photos that you post, thanks. Please stay safe in the wild weather you are experiencing.

  8. TG -- I wish the same as you for us humans. But in fact Howard's scan would have detected the norovirus I was assiduously ignoring just so I could make his acquaintance. After all, how many times do you get to the Galapagos?
    Bibi -- Guess you're a fan of Sleepless in Seattle too.
    Shell -- They've shut down mass transit and I can't get to work—thanks, Sandy!

  9. Amazing photos. Have a nice week.

  10. He's very handsome! Stunning shots.

  11. What a beautiful bird! & he does seem fearless of you which is really cool & must've been extraordinary for you as well.
    I guess there is no walking across the Brooklyn bridge for you today Alexa!
    Here's to hoping Sandy just blows by all of us w/o incident.
    ; )

  12. Beautiful shots of Howard! I especially love the sideways pose.

  13. Oh my! He is spectacular with his intense stare at the photographer. I'm glad he approved or you might have had to run!


  14. Wonderful photos! Especially the 2nd one where he is cocking his head to take in a "different view" of you.

  15. Amazing getting so close to such an impressive bird. Wonderful photos.

  16. The sideways pose made me laugh. Love it. Thats cool that you could get so close. It's a pretty bird.

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