Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ABC Wednesday—N is for "nature"

In the Galapagos, we came upon this baby
seal but didn't see Mom and Dad right away.

They did let us know pretty quickly that
they were nearby—but Mom felt comfortable
enough with us to take a nap. Dad was a bit more
vigilant but never aggressive, despite the fact
that there were 10 of us surrounding
his child. There's not another place
on the planet like this, I'm sure!

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  1. double wow! I can not believe the face on that pup. & how good of his parents to let you get so close.

  2. I guess you got their seal of approval.

    Things changed later and the tame foxes became, and still are, under threat, but when I visited Santa Cruz Island off the coast of California the native Island foxes were as tame as house cats. One of we volunteers shot an entire roll of film plus (see how long ago it was—early 1980s) hovering around a subject lolling about at her feet.

    There is something magical (and foolish?) about wild animals who have no fear of the most dangerous bipedal predator on Earth.

  3. Sweet pup.... I was lucky enough to see many of these during 'baby' season around Hearst Castle in California.

  4. It looks like the most peaceful place on earth. It is humans that turn animals into ferocious creatures.
    Great post for ABC Wednesday! Have a great week.
    Wil, ABC Team.

  5. magnificent and adorable photos ~ Wow! ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  6. Lucky you to make friends with bébé's parents so you could get close to photograph!

  7. What a dream to be able to go there and experience the amazing animals. Lucky you.

  8. seriously fun pic.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team


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