Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ruby Tuesday

In our travels in Ecuador, we headed up into the 
highlands of the Andes (only 8,000–9,000 feet, 
but you feel it when you're used to life at 
sea level) to the famous market town of 
Otavalo. So many colorful wares for sale, but 
I really didn't see much I wanted . . .

. . . until we returned to our digs at the wonderful 
Hacienda Cusin, and I found these flowers 
framing the back door of our suite.  
Could someone make me a necklace
that looks like this, please?

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  1. it's probably hard to look at man made things after being surrounded by such awe inspiring natural beauty!
    those flowers are AMAZING!

  2. Abutilon megapotamicum as a necklace could be superb done in silk, fine wire and chain. As living flowers they make mighty fine pendants. And, as Lily Hydrangea has said, a man-made object couldn’t really hope to compete with such natural beauty. Although you succeeded in capturing it.

  3. More than enough red for a Ruby Tuesday. Well done.

  4. I agree with you about those featured in the top photo, but love those colors. If you find a necklace like the flower in the second photo, buy two....!

  5. That is definitely a lot of red for ruby Tuesday, beautiful.


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