Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ruby Tuesday

I'm back today from the Galapagos—where
I got up close and personal with nature at its
most fearless.  This is a Sally Lightfoot crab,
so called because it "sallies forth on light feet."

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  1. Is it big? For some reason I'm stuck with this image of everything on Galapagos being huge....

  2. @Dawn Treader: Wiki has it that, “The crab's round, flat carapace is slightly longer than 8 centimetres (3.1 in).” So maybe pretty much standard crab size. Nothing like this crab. Or this spider crab in captivity. Or such as this big guy rampaging on the loose. It seems that Alexa’s crabs are just relatively little guys we would never have nightmares about, or would we?

    That name and its provenance: “Sally Lightfoot” are really delightful.

  3. Considering John Steinbeck’s words about these Sally Lightfeet Alexa must have had a telephoto lens to have gotten so close to her subject (or is that what she meant by fearless?). The Wiki article and John’s writing about them (last two paragraphs) here.

  4. Amazing crab. Perfectly captured.

  5. How delightful ~ I've learned some lovely facts here this evening, Alexa! And welcome back, ma chère.

  6. A beautifully sharp, informative image, as well as the
    story that goes with it!

  7. Very nicely captured. Lovely creature...for a crab. Happy RT.

  8. Thank you for your contribution to Ruby Tuesday 2. You are one of the many special people who make this meme a success. Hope to see you again next week!

    Magical Mystical Teacher

    Ruby Desert Blossoms

  9. Beautifully taken!

    Ruby at Gas Station
    Your comment will be so much appreciated.

  10. Hello, Sally! I think you're beautiful.

  11. Excellent photo -- the crab is rich and colorful.


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