Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ruby Tuesday

At the Dragonfly Inn, in Mindo, they
had multiple hummingbird feeders—I just
couldn't get enough of these jewel-toned
—and seriously ADHD— little beauties.

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  1. Ha, good comment for a beautiful photo. I've hardly ever seen these guys sit.

  2. Ooh. Ruby (not-necessarily-throated) hummingbirds. The past couple days I have espied a hummingbird just outside my window stabbing at and sipping from orange hibiscus flowers. Their tiny little cup-shaped nests are so cute.

    The Dragonfly Inn looks soooo comfortable. How could you leave so soon?

    Have you heard the mythology regarding the origin of the nearby Canchupi River? Once upon a time, long, long ago a mother cloud was worried about her baby cloud. The baby cloud was having the most difficult time going wee wee. The mother kept asking, “Canchupi? Canchupi?” Then suddenly, in a great burst of thunder, the baby cloud let loose a huge cloudburst. And, as you can see, the resultant flow has continued on down to this very day. (Just joking. Or should I say, mythologizing?)

  3. We don't have them here and I'm always fascinated to see photos of them ;)

  4. Wow, awesome shot!
    Beautiful birds :)

  5. I only get to see these little ones in photos. They are precious!!

  6. I love hummingbirds! They are challenging to photograph. We have them here from mid-May to mid-September and we love watching them come to feed.

  7. Great shot. The little guys that we had this year were camera shy. Just the slightest movement and off they buzzed. They're so much fun to watch.


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